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I am an experienced freelance animator/designer/ppc manager with a passion for engaging motion design projects. Collaborating with diverse clients and esteemed design studios over the past decades, I bring a unique and creative touch to every endeavor. Choose hobiethompson for exceptional animation, design, and ppc management services.

Motion Graphics

Elevate Your Project with Mesmerizing Motion Graphics.

Video Production

Captivate and Connect: Unleash the Power of Video Storytelling

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From Freelance / Wedding Videos / Full Studio Owner Operator – To Your Personal Digital Producer – take advantage of my years of experience


Fresh contnent – dont just accept good enough and same ol same ol – let us think outside the box for you – From big to small we do it all


You will keep coming back for more – and that’s just the way we like it. Give hobiethompson a try and become another valued partner who relies on us year after year, using our services repeatedly.

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Welcome to the latest blog post on hobiethompson! Join us as we dive into exciting new topics, exploring the depths of knowledge and inspiration. Get ready to ignite your curiosity and feed your mind with fresh perspectives. Discover the stories that captivate us, the ideas that challenge us, and the experiences that shape us. Stay tuned for a journey through the realms of innovation, creativity, and a touch of Hobie magic. Welcome to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Envato Elements UNLIMITED Downloads

Do you remember when u could give an email to envato and have unlimited downloads to envato elements for a week? Just give another email after a week end enjoy another free week? They have changed that to 19 per month, billing a whole year x12. Or they will bill you...

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