This is how the company became into being, from beginning to end.

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Lonestar Digital Media was founded in 2015 in Plano Texas on Ave K street. David Mack, Hobie Thompson and DUDE were the proprietors, with 45, 45, and 10 respectively ownership. It occupied a 3500 sq. ft storefront building, (almost all was built out, including 2 900 sq. ft cyc walls (one green one white) operation control, editing bays and offices all built into this empty space.

David Mack supplied the capital, credit and assurance guarantee for the building. 

Hobie Thompson supplied the video equipment, clients and knowledge for the business

DUDE supplied graphic design


Hobie and his son Taylor built out the cyc wall studios for bothe the green screen side and the photo-studio white side throught the months of november through Januar





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