DESIGN: Motion • Print • Web
VIDEO: Cinematographer • Editor • Director
MARKETING:Google Ads • Analytics



            DEMO REELS







Identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges are activities that drive and inspire me. Exploration, pursuit, and motivation are my framework for success. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying new techniques help businesses evolve and grow. Like your company, my goal is to be on the cutting-edge of industry advancements.

     My strong suites revolve around my motion graphics and video talents. I have developed strong critical thinking abilities and fostered a reputation as a key contributor through leadership and problem-solving skills. As a team player, I am collaborative with peers, searching for ways to integrate valuable insights. Through these qualities, I have confidence in my ability and facilitate positive change and collective effort

♦ Interacts professionally & effectively with a diverse work force, customer base & senior level management

♦ Advanced computer knowledge MACOS and PC

♦ Works and adapts well in a fast paced environments and learns quickly

♦ Works independently with little oversight and be able to multi-task in a dynamic, fast- paced, environments

♦ Exceeds at ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and programs

♦ Advanced knowledge of audio, video formats in recording and digital delivery

♦ Perseverance, Meeting Deadlines/Quotas, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Competitive Attitude,

♦ Strong Problem-Solving & Analytical Skills, Troubleshooting Equipment and Situations

♦ Advanced knowledge of preflighting and packaging digital assets for remote production



 • 2018-Present


Working remotely for corporate and small businesses as Film Maker, Motion Graphic Artist, Photographer, Graphic and Web Design (remote work due to moving to FL and purchasing land to build, then Covid) Proven creative success working with creative teams and directors; Help find and implement the best technical resources – applications, plugins, audio services, stock services and more; Advanced knowledge of HD cameras and videography, motion graphics and creative lighting techniques: Consult colleagues and peers on building and constructing studios and cyc-walls for their own ventures

• infographics • animated logo design • production company intros • title sequences • product shoots 

explainer videos • training videos • product demos • testimonials



Supervisor, Managing Director Digital Media Services

Lonestar Media LLC    Dallas TX

Full-production studios and Ad Agency for video and sound production, Dallas Texas. The facility included 5,000 sq. ft. cyc walls (green-screen and white), 3 video editing bays and 5 sound editing bays, a complete stage for live sound recording

My Role As a major partner and shareholder in the business, I managed studio operations on the video and graphics side; hiring personnel and  finding and Hiring talent; Managing staff for shoot and supervising workflow; Maintain personal daily and weekly production schedule, Research and locate potential business, mentor staff and create harmonious work environment


Motion Graphics, Videographer; Editor

Freelance  Dallas TX

Self Employed videography/edit and motion graphics, Shoot & Edit events from Weddings & Corporate Events and Parties to Beauty Pageants, create corporate explainer videos

My Role Identify potential clients, write quotes, send contracts, book and communicate with clients, Hire staff, Perform all the duties a Freelance MoGraph Video Editor is required to perform


Videographer; Editor, Motion Graphics, AV Tech 

Dallas Party  Dallas TX

Entertainment Services and Video Production House catering to Corporate, Weddings, Holiday parties, etc

My Role Shoot & Edit events from Weddings & Corporate Parties to Beauty Pageants,

On location and in studio photography, create graphics and motion graphics, Set up AV systems for hotel corporate events Working knowledge of current video production techniques/procedures including: lighting, single camera (location) shooting, 3-camera (studio) shooting, budgeting and scheduling; Perform the preventative maintenance, repair, of all audio-visual (AV) equipment



Art Director, Manager Digital Services 

Canon Software, Inc  Irvine, CA

Software division of Canon USA, division for packaging, distribution of software USA division

My Role Work closely with Project Managers for all their needs including: Create 3D mock-ups of products going to print for sales products before delivery; print promotions, Assist in new marketing communication campaigns for current and upcoming promotions;  create inside software booklets and pdfs for CD ROMS and Jewel cases; Prepare artwork for output to various vendors worldwide including Electronic files, fonts, images and artwork specifications from vendors; Creation of marketing presentations; Maintain  branding standards and guidelines; Adhere to all lawyers revisions


Art Director 

ARGUS Publishing (now PRIMEDIA) Placentia, CA

National Publishing house for Popular Car Enthusiasts magazines

My Role In charge of the overall visual style, layout, and graphic design production of a several magazines under my direction including  Street Rodder, Popular Hot Rodding, Kit Car and Vette magazines;  Worked directly and intimately with writers and photographers their input and vision as a collaborative effort; Stayed abreast of trends and new techniques in the industry and incorporate those elements into each issues design to keep them current with (and even ahead of) the times


Pre-Press Shift Manager

Colour Concepts  Riverside, CA  

High-volume service bureau serving the print industry

My Role Shift manager Responsible for outputting film, troubleshooting print jobs, creating proofs (chroma-key & match prints) manage scanning department with Class-A drum & flat-bed scanners


Coffee Bean

Video Production

Premiere • FCP • Mocha

Coffee Bean

MoGraph & Graphics

After Effects • Illustrator  Photoshop InDesign • WordPress DIVI

Coffee Bean


Cinema 4D • Maya

Coffee Bean

Google Suite

Google Adwords • Google Analytics

Coffee Bean


17 Hats • Asana

Coffee Bean

360° VR

Monoscopic • Stereoscopic


Coffee Bean

Video Production

Cinematography • Green-screen • On location • Studio shooting (3 point lighting, crane and boom, etc.)  • Rig removal and motion tracking • Directing & acquiring talent

Coffee Bean


Certified Drone operator

Coffee Bean


Vacuum forming • Prototype building • Life-casting • Squibs

Coffee Bean


Ad Campagns, Marketing Buying • B2B • web,print, video • video walls • digital sigange

Coffee Bean


On Location • Studio • Product shoots • Model shoots

Coffee Bean


Vehicle Wraps • Store Signage




General studies with emphasis on Film, TV and Film Production. Learned later this is the school James Cameron attended, he sent his soon-to-win Academy award-winning cinematographer Russel Carpenter of  Titanic to show us how the never used before motion tracking and green-screen work


ASSOCIATES DEGREE  in Graphic Design 1996

Platt College, Ontario California

Graphic Art College


Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA

General studies with emphasis on art history




Udemy Academy  2020

Master Course for on-line advertising using conversion tracking,  revenue and form submissions, Quality Scores, decrease CPMs, A/B testing, multiple campaigns, multiple ad groups,  etc

FAA Drone Pilot Certificate 

Remote Pilot (FAA). Part 107 certificate 12/20

Top Pick 

the Knot 2015,16

Top 5 percent overall 5 star vendor ratings

Couples Choice Award 2015-16

Wedding Wire – 2015,16

Vendor top achiever



Low-budget productions

Love finding like-minded people and volunteering my talents to assisting either on-set or behind the scenes: gathering BTS footage for promoting their projects; creating life-casting for special fx zombie or horror productions, create opening graphics for film production presentations, Creating promotional videos to educate, inspire and generate funds for productions, fill some role that needs filling on any given day


Sustainability Explainer Video

An explainer video for a company helping other businesses obtain zero waste and become more sustainable    intended for internal sales and their clients –  was used country-wide for all Walmart (and others) sales teams to understand the concept of “zero waste”  &  “sustainability”  footprint (Walmart management viewed video and asked our client if they could distribute countrywide)

Lonestar Digital Media – Ad Agency Owner 

45% owner of 4,800 sq ft ad agency with 2 full size cyc-wall studios (one white one green) a full size music studio with stage and light, 4 sound mixing bays and 2 video edit bays 3 offices and a green room and a lobby and 10 full-time employees.



IF I’m on a crew I wear many hats – I love It behind the camera! And in post-production? Forget about it. You will be amazed at what I can do – I’m a special effects guy at heart. I hope you are as lucky as I am and get to see what happens when a group of people come together to tell a story with their passion and vision for others to see and experience. I am blown away every single time I’m apart of something, that someone had the guts to bring forward and have it played out.  I’m one of the lucky few that love what they do, and do what they love. 

 A dear friend of mine back in the early days loaned me the book “Rebel Without A Crew” from Director Robert Rodriquez. The author basically sez to not let the size or requirements of a  production daunt you or ever keep you from proceeding ahead … How he got incredible shots and was able to check off the shot list by not listening to what is taught and usually the norm – Just an example: many of his shots needed a dolly and tracks – he figured a work-around by being pushed around while holding the camera in a wheelchair.  Also to learn all the roles of production and become good at it: audio, cutting, filming, lighting, writing, directing and of course promoting your project.  His quote that I love “If you’re just creative, you’ll always have to rely on technical people. If you’re creative and technical, you’re unstoppable.” I truly believe this is why I am comfortable wearing many hats in all stages in a production. Its not just film production I am talking about. But everything I do – A client really wanted a robot to be a mascot for their company and to bring to public events – I sat quietly at several meetings while it was brought up several times and could see it was not moving along at all. Since I was the one coming up with concept in design and have watched Myth-busters a few times I volunteered to make their Mascot. 3 months later I delivered their remote control 3.5’ tall robot that moved on all axis, would interact with guest including arms moving up & down. On my own off-time I attended many meeting groups that specialized in robotics, created my own vacuum-forming machine that works in typical kitchen oven, learned ‘basic” aduino language and created remote control for it. Another client was telling us at initial meeting his vision he was told were not possible. And the production company that told him this charged exorbitant fees. We did everything he wanted and for a fraction of what he spent with production company (instead of renting studio time we brought the green-screen to there business; instead of a small army of people we managed with just a handful)

Looking forward:

I have pulled up stakes from Texas and now live with my wife near Daytona Beach, Florida.  We have bought some land and are planning on building a house (covid has put wrench into things). I rent an executive office near here, and have great Internet. I’m looking for a longterm remote relationship with a select few organizations that we can build on and last into the future. If you have received this resume, I have researched your company and the position you are seeking and think we are a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you!