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Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing

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  • Q. How many photos make a good montage?
  • A. Depends on the occasion. If it's a 50th anniversary, the more the better (300+) . . a once in a lifetime, and a lifetime of photos. A birthday or rehearsal dinner? 100-125 is a nice number. Schools run over 1,000 pix
  • Q. How long are the videos?
  • A. We have found that 3. sec per photo, when not animated or in 3-d, is a good speed. The animations run about 7 seconds per pic.
  • Q. What type of photo formats do you accept?
  • A. All kinds. From pics in photo albums and in heirloom frames, to the standard 4x6 and 5x7 prints to digital copies. Make sure the digital copies are the highest resolution you can aquire (1000 pix wide is a good standard)
  • Q. What is a good photo to animate?
  • A. Although we can animate any photo, the best ones are of full body shots, in action
  • Q. Can I add video clips, from my phone or camera to the video?
  • A. Yes!
  • Q. How is the montage deliverd to me?
  • A. On a customized DVD and case - and online version is also available for extra charge.
  • Q. What is the best way to view it?
  • A. Usually at a large gathering a projector and screen with sound system is the best way, see the link on top for AV rentals.
  • Q. What about music?
  • A. A good montage is nothing without music. The client almost always comes up with songs they want to use for certain sections, and we make them fit the best we can. If you are clueless, or need help, the Links above will take you to a list of typical songs for every occasion.
  • Q. What if I don't like it?
  • A. Impossible! Most cry or laugh - you will view it before a final copy is delivered to make sure it is exactly what you want!